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Yes, the majority of the

Yes, the majority of the Bible has stayed relatively the same over time. So has the koran, the vedas, the Qua'ran, and others. So has various spiritual teachings the remote African villages. Why does the Bible deserve the spotlight and not previous religions that teach the same morals while at the same time not bringing discrimination into the mix.

Truth of the matter is that we humans have never been in contact via direct communication with the forces that created the stars and ourselves. The making up of Gods was greatly popular before the last 1,000 years of advances in the human race took place. We're one of a million species, in one of a trillion galaxies... in an unknown fraction of the universe. Living a morally and fruitful life full of giving and thanks can be grasped without such old means.

The great Greek mythical Gods were once worshiped as Jesus Christ was.

"One man with courage is a majority." ~ Andrew Jackson