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I've never drank alcohol or

I've never drank alcohol or done drugs in my life.

So what are you going to do? Leave the United States, right?

Nah, the snowball is happening, I suggest you get on board. If not, you'll be that kid with his arms crossed saying "I am a better player but coach is stupid so I don't care.. coach makes me play bad in games". And you'll remain sitting on the bench.

So Rush putting Rand Paul on and Shepard Smith being positive towards Rand and negative towards interventionists is all part of the "master plan"... Hmmm.. Shepard Smith basically called McCain and Neocons out for "losing elections". Rush did the same thing.

So you're going to downplay success and you call yourself a liberty supporter? That's comical. So maybe there's a great conspiracy that Ron Paul is really on their side too, right?

All I know is Ron Paul barely got any recognition, and now Rand and Ron are discussed in a positive light by the Republican stronghold. This has NEVER happened. Period.