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Last One Troll

"Who are you going to pay to buy the collective violence you seek? So you want privately funded goon squads and a society fighting over who can pay for the most violence? You want to talk to me about false authority?"

LOL you really think people are buying your bullshit don't you... So privately funded goon squads as opposed to theft funded goon squads? I'll take competing goons squads over monopolized goon squads claiming false authority to steal from you to support their violence and control over you any day...

The government justly has the authority to tax you. Do you think you have your own country or something? That's right, you WANT both your own country and government, but you aren't willing to fight for one, and need to try and imagine you can destroy mine and build on the ashes. There are about 7 billion people on this planet, and it's getting pretty crowded. There's a VERY good reason Anarchists don't have their own country, because they're easily defeated, and aren't fit for power.

Wow this is pretty comical. You just pull shit out of your ass like a monkey and throw it across the room and hope it sticks to something... LOL! Government has no just authority over me! As usual you did not answer my questions on where government gets its just authority to steal from me? How can anyone have authority over me without my consent? Where do they get it? Because some group of embiciles says they do? If no individual has the authority to steal from me (and for the mentally challenged that means take money/property from me against my will, and calling it a tax makes it no less theft) where do they magically conjure the authority from as a group when none of the individuals that make up the group have that authority?

No where have I said am not willing to fight for liberty. Why do you think you have any right to tell me what to do? A long as I am not harming anyone what I do is none of your business. Why do you think you have the right to steal my money/property from me against my will just because you call it a tax?

Anarchist have their own country as much as anyone else. This country is as much mine as it is yours. Just because you think you can initiate force to steal from me does not make it any less my country and home.

Idiots wonder why their society is crumbling before their eyes? It's because it is based on theft and force. That is why no society in history has ever endured they have all fallen because their foundations are built on sand. This one is no different. I have never advocated destroying anything that's your lie. I don't need to destroy anything your theft and forced based society is crumbling under it's own dead weight.

"You want to be able to build a private government built on voluntary incorporation, and I don't trust you to do that. If you tried, I would retake what you unjustly think is yours and what you could only get through "a catastrophic collapse of society".

Stop trying to put words in my mouth it only makes you look like an idiot. I do not want a private corporate government we already have that. And it's amazing you seem to inept to see that all the things you claim anarchy would cause are already in full effect from the very government you think protects us from it all. Please get rid of your TV and buy a good water filter.

"I would reclaim what you tried to lord over with your wallet. You'd only have it for an instant and for the same reason you knew it would require "a catastrophic collapse of society" for you to get in the first place."

And you accuse me of wanting to initiate force LOL... Wow what a piece of work you are... You better start fighting the government because they are the ones lording over you and they stole your wallet to do it!

And just for the record I said Anarchy would not happen ANYTIME SOON short of a societal collapse but even then there is no telling what would replace the previous society. I never said I wanted a societal collapse that is your strawman lying argument. However we might find out sooner then later as the government you so revere has destroyed society and any semblance of freedom we once had.

You buying goons and privilege in a free market of violence isn't going to work for me or anybody else, and until you pick up your gun and try to get it, my government will continue to tax you. If you don't like that, leave.

Like a dog to his own vomit you prefer a monopoly on violence even though that violence is used to rob you imprison you and even murder you if you resist. The major point you miss is that in an Anarchist society violence is only initiated in self defense not preemptive to rob and plunder from the people and other countries like in your illustrious government. Only criminals initiate violence for any reason other reason then self defense.

Illegitimate? No. I say you buying collective violence in a free market to serve what you think is justice is illegitimate. It's an insult to legitimacy. What you want to build gets run over and destroyed for the same reason you can't create it without a catastrophic collapse.

Its funny how you are defending a monopoly on violence. You are so blinded you can't conceive of violence except as aggressively attacking others and taking what they have and killing them. Which is exactly what your government does daily.

Anarchist believe in non-aggression and only using violence in self defense. There will always be bad people and everyone has the right to defend themselves against such. The only place that non-aggression principle gets turned on its head is when the government are the bad people. For some reason people like you are under the illusion the they have a right to preemptively initiate violence to steal and loot and even murder and it is ok because they have the label of government that gives them some false authority to violate rights rob plunder and kill people with impunity.

"Well, I suppose you could climb down out of the tree and run to your Anarchist utopia? Oops. Can't find one? I guess you'll have to just join the rest of us, and unless you're willing to pick up a gun and create that pile of rubble you need, that won't be changing anytime soon.

Oh it will be changing sooner then you think and I don't have to do anything your government has seen to that...

"A government can initiate collective force against you and the only legitimate purpose of government force is to serve justice, and justice is IMPOSED upon immoral men like you.

LOL and you claim to be a libertarian... Sigh! So what happened to the non-aggression principle? Government has no legitimate purpose. Oh the irony you are advocating theft force and agression against me with violence and I am immoral ROTFLMAO! So do tell us why am I immoral what have I done to harm you that you claim I am immoral and willing to initiate violence against me? You are nothing but an obvious troll who knows little if anything about libertarianism...

Quoting me:
"Again your whole argument is based on a false assumption that Anarchist cannot work together to protect their liberty or repel a common enemy without claiming false authority over others."
"That's not an answer and you know it. So you're going to create an Army aye? How big will your new nation be? Will there be a draft or will all the Anarchists just turn tail and run? I can't imagine any of you cooperating or picking up a gun to defend your country or your property. You reject the very idea. Do you think your army of Anarchists is going to fend off a Nation State of people who know they have the right to what you think is yours?"

Of course it is an answer and it destroys your entire ridiculous false argument! The only reason I would need to create an army is because some idiot like you wants to initiate violence on me and others for no reason other then to impose his will on us as you have said several times now. It is comical how you try to pretend to know what Anarchists or libertarians believe...

"Like I've said many times; Freedom, liberty and their common defense is an idea Anarchists ridicule, but now you're going to try and do just that? I don't think so. My money says that all you Anarchists run for the hills, so that's what I'll spend "my share" on, taking what you never had a right to. I'll retake what you only got your hands on through a catastrophic collapse of society."

You don't know the first thing about freedom and liberty much less what Anarchists and Libertarians believe. You are nothing but a totalitarian stooge threatening to initiate violence and murder against those who do not agree with you and your claimed false authority. Be careful what you wish for you just might get it except you'll be on the receiving end.

You and your neighbors are going to shoot my ass aye? No... I don't think so. Your plan is to use civilians to fight soldiers in a modern war of aggression? You and your neighbors will be refugees. The only asses ripe for shooting would be yours while you run for your life.

So you are planning to attack us and steal our stuff in a "modern war of aggression?? There you go again initiating aggression again which is of course a good way to get shot... Sigh! Lot of good all the modern fire power did in Vietnam Iraq and Afghanistan... Also Same thing the British said about the colonist... Actually most of my neighbors are all highly trained veterans so be careful you don't bite off more then you can chew. ;)

"I say you're and Anarchist destroyer and that justice should be served on the lot of ya."

And you'd still be wrong and you're still nothing but a pathetic liar still threatening me with violence for no reason. But your just a pathetic coward talking tough on the internet and trolling. I am afraid I am done with you I see no need to continue responding to ignorance lies and stupidity you have been sufficiently exposed for what you are. Go troll somewhere else Mr. fake libertarian...

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