Comment: Well, bless you, too!

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Well, bless you, too!

My understanding of Jesus is based on what I have seen and heard in this world, and I do my very best to follow his example and advice, with no apologies for falling far short. My issue is not with Jesus or with God, it is with organized religion that fearmongers. My admiration and respect for what Jesus did is not at all reduced by what "Christian" churches say and do, but my respect for churches is non-existent. Now, that is not to say there are not good churches - if I lived in Flathead Valley I'd go to Chuck Baldwin's church - but my husband and I are both refugees from cults, and once burned, twice shy... and as you mentioned, no eternal burning at all.
My concept of God I don't bother trying to put into words much. I am part of the Universe, the Universe is beyond my comprehension. Whatever created me and the Universe is beyond being beyond my comprehension... a delightful mystery.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.