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The wording could have been

The wording could have been done better, alleviating some of the ire of jingoist (though hard to do). Plus, it's a balancing act. If on #3 you word it "B. The attackers on 9/11 were motivated by what they view as an aggressive and interfering American foreign policy in the Islamic world, and the negative effects that foreign policy has had on Muslims." many 5th graders would have difficulty understanding the answer (I suppose). But it might blunt this parent's objections a bit... though seldom has it blunted the objections to Ron Paul.

On number 5, "D. None of the above" is the correct answer. It is far more advantageous to respect people as people, than to make some blanket appeal to respecting individual beliefs universally. I find it far more honest and sincere to respect a socialist or neo-con's humanity, than to ultimately disingenuously claim respect for their beliefs and subsequent political positions. Respect the human being and his humanity. For God's sake, do not expect men to show a respectful attitude to unwise, foolish and/or demonstrably false beliefs. Some beliefs destroy our humanity... like "A. Other people just don't like Americans." Why respect that?