Comment: Complicated questions.

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Complicated questions.

Since most/all the comments are positive and this is a place for debate...

I thought I'd add something for you to jump on!

I have been reading dailypaul a lot the past year. Learning a lot, agreeing with much, disagreeing with some. Interesting to find anti-war right-wingers! And that there is more to the political spectrum than two established parties in the US.

I live in Sweden; a country with relatively many guns per capita but with rather strict gun control by your standards. To me it is a complicated question. I don't see "let more people own guns to reduce crime" as solution in Sweden. I would for sure feel less secure with more armed people around me and I would feel even more secure if the the police was not regularly armed either (as in neighbouring Norway). (Yes I already thought about the Breivik case as counterargument).

A society where you feel the need for individual right to personal arms to shoot at humans with the risk at killing them is not a success. I don't divide humanity in good guys and bad guys. Who will call themselves good?

I still can imagine a society where "we the people" take care of the duties of the police in some distributed way where individuals are armed. I also think that much of the current gun control efforts in your country are pointless.

I can understand the fascination with guns as a hobby as with any technical/mechanical device. I don't like gun culture; the distinction is not objective.

What exactly does well regulated militia mean really? The quotes from well known communist dictators are all meant to serve in favour of a well regulated militia. But serving interests. I am not a supporter of any of Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Castro. I know too little about Chavez.

To use your gun rights to fight a tyrannical (maybe still pseudo-democratic) government: how would you do that?

Take an example: Syria. There is a tyrannical government (without even a pseudo-democratic history but still...) for sure. There is an abundance of guns, also for sure, but not one regulated militia. There is one government military and number of unregulated militias and some half regulated militias.

More questions than answers!