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Where's the "Mea Culpa?"

It is all good and fine for them to point fingers of blame at "those neocons" - a little truth is better than none. When they turn that finger on themselves and apologize to their listeners for pimping the neocon agenda themselves, THEN I will believe they woke up. Let me share something I just got yesterday from someone who "woke up."
I had commented on the "Suspiciou0bserver" youtube for the day, said "I can't believe you do this for free. Thank you."
He replied: "My payment is internal. I feel a resolute and unyielding need to do this. I spent many years RIGHTEOUSLY debunking the loony aspect of this community, and WRONGLY labeling you all as nutcases. I ran across the material I cover in the video 'Energy from Space' - and have never looked back. I swallowed my pride, had to follow the truth, and would truly not be 'well' if I did not do this."

Now, do you relate to that? When I woke up, one of the FIRST things I dealt with was "How did I contribute to this mess, and how can I try to make amends for that?" Do you see a TRACE of that in any of these neocon shills? I do not. I see attempts to control the opinions of the masses. RON PAUL was the clearest voice for liberty in my lifetime, and they now praise Rand in a manner that implies "in spite of who your father is" rather than admitting his father was right all along. They are trying to marginalize Ron Paul supporters out of the Ron Paul movement. The astonishing part is how much success they seem to be having.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.