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That's Why We Need To Rename The Movement

Naming The Movement
Submitted by kevink on Fri, 03/08/2013 - 20:52

Daily Paul Liberty Forum

If it's at all possible I think we need to get out a catchy name for the movement. We can't call it "the tea party movement" because then the establishment will try to co-opt the movement. For example, didn't the media claim that Newt was the leader of the tea party (when it was obviously Ron). That's why I think it's critical that the movement have the word "Paul" in it. Could you imagine how idiotic it would be for the MSM to claim Newt (or any of the other shills like Rubio and/or Jeb) to claim that they're the leader of the "Ron Paul R3volution".

I almost wish Rand were named Ron Paul Jr. That way we could've stuck w/ "Ron Paul R3volution". To call it the "Rand Paul R3volution" would also be unfair to Ron, who is the true leader of the liberty movement. But again, I don't want to call it the "liberty movement".

Is the "Paul R3volution" catchy enough? Can we put our heads together and come up w/ something and try to get it to catch on in the mainstream?

Something playing off the word "filibuster" would also be a good choice by the way, since people will strongly associate Rand with it.