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So Anarchism is competing goon squads?

"I'll take competing goons squads over monopolized goon squads claiming false authority to steal from you to support their violence and control over you any day"

That's exactly what I'm telling people, what you want is a gangland government, warlord of the flies where you compete in a free market of violence using goon squads to wield the power you have no right to. People will be acting justly by killing you and your goon squads who thought The American Republic was something arbitrary.

Just GTFO. LEAVE before justice is served. It's not liberty you'll create. It's a wasteland of injustice with a bunch of wanna be kings and self worshiping Anarchists trying trying to buy authority rather than debate the use of authority.

"Wow this is pretty comical. You just pull shit out of your ass like a monkey and throw it across the room and hope it sticks to something... LOL! Government has no just authority over me!!"

Your neighbors have tasked them with serving justice, and making sure all the little wannabe warlords who want to buy goon squads to wield power are kept in check. Government will be acting justly when it meets you with violence. You are where injustice is born, because you unjustly want power. Justice will be served Anarchist, and that's what you're afraid of, and what you desperately don't want to have authority over you.

There's nothing arbitrary about the fact Anarchism doesn't exist, and government does, because in the end, all you want is a new government with yourself buying power in a free market of violence. You are why governments exist.

"As usual you did not answer my questions on where government gets its just authority to steal from me"

Yes I did, through blood, sweat, and treasure, something you as an Anarchist can't offer. There's nothing arbitrary about the fact The American Republic exists and there's nothing arbitrary about you as an Anarchist having no country. You want that to be something arbitrary, but you're a coward who won't offer any blood, sweat or treasure fighting for what you think is arbitrary, and nobody will join you because they want better than free range Anarcho-Warlordism.

Your neighbors do what you can't Anarchist, work together so they can have a country, and that's why you'll always be so easily defeated. /sigh...

"How can anyone have authority over me without my consent?"

I told you. Justice is imposed on people. Justice is NEVER something an Anarchist or anybody else wants to face, but you will none the less.

"Because some group of embiciles(lol) says they do?"

No, because they do, and if they didn't, you wouldn't be trying so hard to destroy what you'd call arbitrary, even though you KNOW it would take a catastrophic collapse in society for you to change that fact.

It must hurt your pride to know imbeciles have authority over you? People get the leaders they deserve.

"If no individual has the authority to steal from me (and for the mentally challenged that means take money/property from me against my will, and calling it a tax makes it no less theft) where do they magically conjure the authority from as a group when none of the individuals that make up the group have that authority?"

From the end of a gun. The gun isn't what evil. Government isn't what's evil. YOU ARE WHAT'S EVIL. You have no problem with a gun and want to buy goon squads to do exactly the same. You want power, but you aren't worthy to wield it, because you have nobody willing to pick up and gun and fight for what you want, your own country where you can be your own little Warlord. They'd rather just watch as all those "imbeciles" serve justice on you Anarchist.

"Stop trying to put words in my mouth it only makes you look like an idiot. I do not want a private corporate government we already have that."

Sure you do. You want to voluntarily pay what you think is necessary buying goons in a free market of collective violence, and you keep reinforcing that Anarchists can work together to defend themselves, so you will be cooperating and incorporating with other Anarchists to buy as much collective violence as you can, otherwise you'll have NO CHANCE against an invading army. An invading army will be acting justly when they round up all you wannabe free range Warlords who could only get power through catastrophic collapse.

"And you accuse me of wanting to initiate force LOL... Wow what a piece of work you are..."

That's right, you need to live in Anarcho-Lala-Land where nobody will challenge you or show up showing you WHY Governments exist. There can be no invading armies in Anarchy, because you know you can't put up any defense worth speaking of. Call it playing devils advocate, and the only place Anarchy works is where evil no longer exists, but it does, and I promise, it will come to destroy your Anarcho-Fantasy world because you aren't fit to run your own life let alone a country. Still, I'll let you run your own life and destroy yourself, just not mine or a Constitutional Republic.

"And just for the record I said Anarchy would not happen ANYTIME SOON short of a societal collapse but even then there is no telling what would replace the previous society."

It will NEVER happen short of a catastrophic collapse of society, because whether you like it or not, evil people exist, and you need to know what you can and CAN'T change in this world. In fact an Anarchist will become that which tempts people to do evil. It would be the easiest thing in the world to tempt people to line up and destroy you wannabe warlords who thought they were going to destroy my country buying violence and privilege in a free market of violence.

Even your own goons would eat you alive. You are what creates injustice, not that which opposes it.

"I never said I wanted a societal collapse that is your strawman lying argument."

Sure you did. You called yourself an Anarchist. This is politics and you admit there's no legitimate way for you to win short of destruction, so what you seek is an illegitimate path to wield power. You covet destruction and power, so when you get destroyed and discover yourself powerless against those who do it to you, justice is being served.

"Like a dog to his own vomit you prefer a monopoly on violence even though that violence is used to rob you imprison you and even murder you if you resist."

There's no monopoly of violence. You can do everything you want to do, just understand when you try, you will face justice. There are 50 states who wield power, and Federal Government that wields power. There are counties that wield power and towns that wield power.

But there are NO ANARCHISTS who wield power, and for good reason. They're liars and destroyers who covet power, yet are useless in both defending liberty, and to their own covetous fantasies.

"Anarchist believe in non-aggression and only using violence in self defense."

Nonsense. Anarchists are liars and frauds who do nothing but run people down calling them "retards, imbeciles, and sheep". Keep puking it out Anarchist. Justice will be served. Nobody is filled with more hate or the desire to wield power than an Anarchist. They just know that they need to hide behind something that's good and right, something that leads to keeping the peace, which is liberty and the golden rule, the foundation of justice, and in the end justice is served on you Anarchists because you're frauds and liars who just want to destroy and rule.

They need to replace the golden rule with the NAP, because the person who brought up the golden rule in the first place (/psst it wasn't Ron Paul) told you to pay your taxes Anarchist. So pay your taxes, or let justice be served. Nobody knows better than you that your ideas can't win, so either grab your gun and do something about it, or just shut up, because you're worthless to liberty, incapable of defending it and oblivious to what threatens it.

"The only place that non-aggression principle gets turned on its head is when the government are the bad people."

The whole world is filled with bad people, and they don't need government to serve injustice. You'll accomplish all the same injustice in your free market of collective violence just fine.

"Oh it will be changing sooner then you think and I don't have to do anything your government has seen to that."

No, you just want it to, just like those in government who want a total collapse, but it's not Anarchism that replaces it. It's totalitarianism and world government, ruling you in ways you can't even conceive of. You're getting used, and not for Anarchisms sake, but for the sake of everything you claim to oppose, and justice will be served.

There's a reason God knows how it ends, and YOU are why it ends the way it does. You covet power, and will be used by those who prey on the covetous horde. You will be destroyed and justice will be served. There IS a free market of violence and pain waiting for you Anarchist, and the harder you work, the faster you're going to end up there.

"LOL and you claim to be a libertarian... Sigh! So what happened to the non-aggression principle?"

Serving justice isn't about ruling you, but justice is imposed upon you. Serving justice isn't about aggression. Serving justice isn't about ruling people. The foundation for justice is liberty, so to serve justice is to defend peoples liberty with force. Serving justice is about meeting all of you little Anarchist Warlord Wannabes with force, so you can't get the catastrophic collapse you desire.

It'll be the easiest thing in the world. People understand you Anarchists just fine and will line up volunteering to serve justice on you Voluntarists.