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Comment: There is NO REASON why Drone Bombs should be used!

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There is NO REASON why Drone Bombs should be used!

None, whatsoever! Think about it. The American people DO NOT have drones. We don't have tanks. We don't have an army to defend us! And, we don't have bombs that can be dropped on us.

Why is there NO TALK about bombs?

Isn't that what we are talking about? Well, last I checked Americans DO NOT have bombs that can be dropped from a sky. So, then, what is my point? My point is that there is no reason, with all the access to militarized police forces in every city & county across the USA that the government needs to use a force of that size against anybody, citizen or not, green card or not, living in the USA.

I'm against the use of drones, except where they can prove to me it's 100% necessary DURING A WAR, but otherwise, it's been sloppily used, killing thousands of innocent people. And, the "way" the military has trained our boys to be callous and insensitive to what they are doing, to take "joy" and "pleasure" in killing people, making jokes and insensitive comments about their attacks, well, would we Americans expect any less trigger-happy reactions from a video-like booth at the Pentagon? I think not.

Is this what we want here in America? Answer: NO.

Local Law Enforcement, once they know where a criminal is located, have plenty of techniques & methods of apprehending someone. Unfortunately, we are being ruled by TYRANTS, and TYRANTS want to have total control over us. The only way to do it is to instill just enough fear that we keep in line. The first drone bomb dropped will cause a rip-cord effect in that neighborhood.