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"So you have no plan or solution and just hope the concept of

liberty will just suddenly take off"

Dead wrong.. The plan was working pretty well.. as a matter of fact, if it wasn't for the Ron Paul people.. the real ones carrying a real message of Liberty and the man being who he was, you'd most likely wouldn't be here... yet, you're more than willing to abandon that IF you really actually cared about those ideas of Liberty to begin with that is..

"We've been holding the message since 2007 hows that worked out for us?"

I saw it working pretty good but people like you are too eager to drop the ball for capitulation and compromise so the seeds that have been planted will now be your opposition instead of joining us..

You may win.. mostly because the US population has few morals, are instant gratification types and too stupid to see what's coming.

If you do this, the blood will be on your hands because YOU'RE the ones that are getting suckered and in promoting someone like him, when he turns on you because he craves power, many like me won't take it anymore.

Just remember I said that when it may come sooner than him getting into office because they're going to drone strike in the US soon. Maybe in the next year or two if not sooner because they need to.

If you don't understand how the government thinks and why they need to, I'll be glad to explain the mindset behind building a totalitarian country.

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