Comment: This is misconception of what anarchists believe....

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This is misconception of what anarchists believe....

Of course anarchists will band together in groups. They just wish to do so via voluntary means as opposed to force.

This is part of the propaganda we get fed from state run schools that anarchists are selfish and anti social because they don't want to have their stuff stolen and given to others.

I am very social and very charitable. these concepts are not in congruent with Anarchists. I Suspect that we would choose to organize ourselves in a very similar way to the way Libertarians would like to see the world organized.

I don't want to live on a street, where the neighbor has a nuclear reactor so I would probably buy my home in a community governed by rules, much a like a HOA. I would pay my dues voluntarily, have my votes and create rules probably very similar to the ones we have now. If I did not like those rules I could sell my house, and live in a different community or no community at all. (kind of like local government.

Given I don't want the river that services that community to be polluted I might pay into a voluntary state government.

And given I don't want to be attacked by a foreign enemy, I may choose to pay into a larger group. something similar to a nation.

Given I don't want to be murdered by someone in nearby jurisdiction, I might enter into an agreement.
Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.