Comment: I love Ron, always will. But

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I love Ron, always will. But

I love Ron, always will. But they can make believe Rand is adopted for all I care right now. Rand is getting things he needs to move forward to bigger things. Ron couldn't have those things because he never played politics well. With Ron it was always 'I'll be in my office if you come up with anything Constitutional..' On one hand, I admire that. On the other, it painted him into a political corner.

You guys know how petty it can be in those rooms? People will withdraw support from your bills if they don't like the way you chew bubble gum. So how many bills did Ron manage to pass in his Congressional career? Do you think it was the content of the Bills, or the fact that he refused to support the majority of others bills that got him into that situation? He shut them out, so they shut him out.

Ron always spoke his mind and his beliefs or echoed the beliefs of leaders past he agreed with. We as a body of Ron lovers just so happen to embrace those ideas without persuasion. We read it, we love it, we back it politically. However, in 2013 people are different. Hell they've been different for a long time. We strict Constitutionalists are actually a minority without the realistic numbers to win a Presidential election. Vote it down, but it's true.

I'm not backing down on my beliefs or saying we're in the wrong. I'm simply stating that we 'free thinkers' are not always the most 'open thinkers'. We cannot win a general election alone and we cannot 'convert' everyone to our thinking lines. We have to find a way to respect others and find common ground so we can exist within the Constitution without violating it, or another person. You don't need to be a neo conservative or progressive to understand or accept that. In fact it's very Libertarian to understand that even the people we despise have an equal voice under the law of this land. Conversely it is very Liberal to think they'd don't.

Now Rand's strategy on the other hand seems to be speaking half his mind and half of ours. This is the best way to gain as much support within a population that's nearly split 50/50 on ideas and issues. We don't have to like it but it's better to walk away with a landslide of 'We align more to his ideas than the other candidates ideas' than 8-12% of 'We love you Ron!!' votes (And we DO love you Ron ;)).

Rand doesn't slam the office door in anyone's face and he uses just enough PC to have some of his colleagues mad at him, but they get over it eventually and that's important. If a bill comes through with overwhelming support (pass regardless) but he/we don't like it he may just throw his vote in the hat so he isn't remembered as 'the one guy that said no' when his time comes to push something forward.

Insatead of saying 'I don't like him because he voted for blah blah blah'go at take a look at his role in the votes. If it was close, was he a swing vote? And if it was a swing vote was it a YAY for something that attacks the roots of our rights? Or was it something small that would gain him respect when it's time to talk about something large? This is politics 101 and you have to play that game up there.

In a room full of people whose majority support you need you have to make some compromises. If you make the considerations carefully you don't compromise too much of yourself and gain some favor when it's your turn. It's sad that there are people this petty in office, but some of them are like little girls in that room. You have to dance around their feelings, walk on a few eggshells, and grow the relationships slowly. You pick and choose your battles wisely and that is KEY. Strict Constitutionalists such as ourselves might cringe at some of the things Rand votes yes to. But there is a bigger picture we have to open our own minds to. You don't have to love it, you just have to understand it.

Is it ideal? I'm not sure that can even be debated in a forum. But it could land a MUCH more liberty minded individual in the white house than we have now. Somebody we can possibly vote for an not go home shaking our heads or feeling like we voted the lesser of 2 evils or face 'wasted vote syndrome' and so forth.

Ron learned as he went and didn't get a lot of second chances. Rand Watched from afar and learned from observation how the game is played. He seen what did and did not work for his father. He knows what you should and should not try up on that hill and he's attempting to apply it. So far, it's working.