Comment: BE WARY

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A friend got ripped off by a trusted, local dealer about a week ago. First, the guy have him wrapped rolls of dimes and quarters, and there were coppers in there. Then after it was all "straightened out" they guy wound up paying for some coins that never got put back into his pile. We went to cash a little in last week at our local dealer - in a small town, mind you... He thought we were "down on our luck" (I guess in a way, but we saved the silver to develop the property, and we needed some materials. We look at it more like dipping into the savings account - sucks, but it is why we have savings.) Anyway, the guy tried to absolutely screw us- about 1/4 spot. So we offered to buy some at that price... he had none for sale. Now, maybe he was lying at that point, but he USUALLY has a display out, and he genuinely did not appear to have any. It was very odd, very odd.
It is an extra hour drive for us, but we don't play with anyone but the one dealer in Boise who has ALWAYS been square with us. I would not buy from ebay under any conditions, but CERTAINLY not now, when LOCAL dealers are ripping people off, face to face.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.