Comment: A ruler is not a tool.

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A ruler is not a tool.

Government is NOT a tool. Government is a RULER. And once you accept its authority, YOU are ITS tool, not the other way around. The key to government's power to abuse us is not its military might or the quality of its organization -- it is the legitimacy which its citizens believe it to have. The best organized criminal gang is just a gang -- and a well armed citizenry should not have any great difficulty raising a militia to deal with such, and no moral compunction about doing so.

Absent government, most people concerned about the danger posed by violent gangs most likely WOULD organize local militias, the same way they would organize volunteer fire departments. That is probably the sort of group you would organize, yes? And a good thing. There's nothing wrong with being organized -- it's initiating force against peaceful people that's a bad thing. A militia is not a government, just a bunch of folks exercising the right of self-defense that each of us possesses.

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