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I apologize if i'm not

I apologize if i'm not explaining my views all that well. I'm definitely not a wordsmith lol.

"To simply say that people will just voluntarily bind together to repel oppressive forces assumes far to many factors to refute this point".

So, where do they get these people that will "outweigh" the voluntarysit? I think you're assuming that a majority will voluntarily give their rights away to join this 'new government'. But, let's just say somehow bad people do trick people into being slaves, the ones that have no way to defend their rights against this group could always just hire a defense. Free market militias if you will lol.

"Your assuming again that everyone will for the better, assume that this voluntaristic notion is universally true."

No, that's not the case. There will most likely be a small amount of people, like yourself? that want no part of the voluntaryist lifestyle, but they cannot hurt others. They can do whatever they like, with their own property as long as they don't force themselves onto people. Like I said before, there will always be some bad in every society, but getting rid of the old logic of 'I have more rights than you because I have a shiny hat' is first on the list to making everyone feel equal and bringing about peace. Will there be some violence? sure, but not as much as a Government would bring.

"It's a mistake to think that by merely getting rid of one tool used to authorize power that you have eliminated it from existing."

Well, yeah of course. It's the people behind the government that are the problem. Without the people, government is just a word. Your actually making my argument for me by saying this because you're basically saying any and every type of government, including your own (mini-anarchist), you put into place will be corrupted by man. Yes, you're right. That's why you get rid of it entirely and let the individuals decide for THEMSELVES what they want. No group should be able to dictate rules onto another group of persons.