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I agree

"I do adore God and thus, do not wear a mantel of shame and hate that is not about me just because I am white. I do not accept that, nor should you.. so, why spend the time focusing on what seperates rather than what unites?"

And I do not accept that mantle of shame, either. If I have wronged someone, no matter what race they are, it is my responsibility to seek forgiveness. However LF is tossing that mantle on the white race collectively. It is a message of separation, not forgiveness, not working together, but hatred and enmity. LF says the white race is the enemy.

There are bad and good in every race. We are all human.

I did not contact you to start the debate again, I saw that title about being mislead and I was hoping perhaps you had heard LF's message for what it is.

Granger, LF is blams white people for Barack Obama. Barack Obama bears his own guilt. He is responsible for his own actions no matter what color he is.