Comment: then you obviously don't believe that there are . . .

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then you obviously don't believe that there are . . .

banker elites who 'engineer'. You don't believe that the Bildergers 'engineer'.

Have you studied eugenics (and other forms of social engineering) very much? And their impacts upon both the public education system and on medical system?

I have, and I have had 'close encounters' with eugenics (can't go into more detail than that)--

the fact is that, whatever their motives might be, there are those who want to interfere in others' lives in ways that are malignant.

If you don't believe that, then there isn't much more I can say. If you know someone who has been permanently damaged by social and medical engineering--


you might have a different perspective. Again, I suspect you have not had personal experience with those who 'push' eugenics--

and the results of it.

The idea that this is truly a free society in terms of ideas is what I believe is faulty. There is a lot of manipulation that goes on in education and medicine, not to mention in production (food, etc.).

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--