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Your words are like an open book Fish.

"You spend a LOT of time telling me what anarchists think and why, and what everyone else does or ought to think about anarchists."

No I spend a lot of time clarifying the Anarchist position, and putting their words into context.

"Please tell me where you get this insight into what "we" think because I have never, ever, once been invited to the anarchists club."

Your words Fishy, and all that flows from your foul mouth are lies and insults. I don't need to be able to read an Anarchists mind to know how you think. Your words are like an open book, a look into how a Queen Fish thinks.

SURE you were invited in to be an Anarchist, and now you want to peddle influence inviting others to break up and destroy my country, but seeing as "you don't care what people think" and see anybody who disagrees with you as retards and sheep, you have no chance of ever doing anything but getting yourself hurt. Your only chance is "a catastrophic collapse of society" or you actually getting off your ass and grabbing a gun. Do it yourself Anarchist. But neither will happen, and even if you did, you'd just get hurt.

Like I said, people will be acting justly when they defend themselves and their country against Anarchists like you. I look forward to seeing you in your black mask with your black flag getting stomped down like an animal in the street, because that's exactly what Anarchists have coming to them. They wanted to buy collective force in a free market of violence and to unjustly wield power over those they see as something here to be ridiculed and lied to.

Now nobody cares what you think Anarchist, and it all comes back to you.

"I just run around living my life, did not know there were meetings I was supposed to attend, nor official policies to promote."

You do a lot more than that Fishy. You victimize, lie, and insult people. You pretend that you're a sovereign ruler and now you want to buy collective violence without having to care what your neighbors think, and I say we serve justice on all of you Anarchist phonies.

"I am bored with you now."

You're bored of running your foul mouth Fish? Are you done being a liar bearing false witness and trying to become a Queen? Sorry, there's no reset button in life Fish. There are consequences for choosing to be what you've become and I have no doubt that you'll only be done when justice gets served. Then it will be too late for Queen Fishy.

So sad, but you chose, and there are consequences for the choices you've made. There's a reason you should have tried honesty and debate rather than lies, insults and destruction, because now with every word an Anarchist pukes out of their mouth, it becomes more and more clear what they are. They're users and destroyers who care greatly what people think. They need to use people, to invite them, just as you've been invited. They're Judas Goats and liars inviting people to destroy themselves.

You've been had Fish. Supper is served. People are itching to shut you Anarchists up and serve justice, and your only chance is to hide from it. So just keep on trying, but understand, eventually it all catches up to you.