Comment: This is heart breaking.

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This is heart breaking.

How long d you have to come up with the money? They are out to get the land, please know that beyond a shadow of a doubt.
There may be some support from the organic farming community, but they tend to be bleeding heart liberals and will be knee-jerking to the use of a gun. You can try these folks:
I don't mean to sound unsympathetic to your grandfather's plight - I appreciate a "Give me liberty or I'll get up and get it myself" attitude. However, you are going to need to play for sympathy to save that farm. You may have better luck pleading your GRANDMOTHER'S case. She is an "innocent victim" even in the eyes of gunophobes, and you may have more luck getting $ympathy from them pointing out that he is in prison, SHE has to pay the fine.
Best of luck, and tell your grandpa I look forward to reading his novel, but to take some time to teach the inmates about liberty, too.

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