Comment: Weren't we all "sheeple" at some point?

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Weren't we all "sheeple" at some point?

For almost 10 years I worked on an Air Force base in a building where guided weapons were devoloped and I was completely oblivious to the insanity of our Foreign Policy and then later, the GWOT. (Global War on Terror)

I was a network administrator employed by a MIC contractor. I watched 9/11 unfold on a huge projection screen in a conference room with about 30 other people from the Precision Strike System Program Office. Everyone just immediately wanted revenge. I remember 1 guy saying "This means war" and we all hoorahed.

When I get frustrated with people I'm working to wake-up, all I have to do in order to empathize with them is to remember what a brainwashed, blindly patriotic, debt enslaved consumer I was prior to 2008. I was completely surrounded by everything State...all the time...and yet it all seemed perfectly normal and entirely rational.

It truly amazes me how polar opposite the world REALLY is compared to the way I THOUGHT it was.. just a handful of years ago.