Comment: Well, that was totally not the way I meant it.

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Well, that was totally not the way I meant it.

I meant as you sit there rubbing elbows and holding your nose, you will always know that somewhere out here, I am here. I am going to read your story, and if you start acting like a neocon I am going to call you on it.
For all the accusations, I am not "anti-Rand." I am "wait and see about Rand." It is more than merely being burned, it is watching what continues to play out in my area. The people are waking up, I don't think Romney could draw ten people to a speech today. But the elected officials just keep right on ahead with the NWO agenda. That whole "crazy" China thing I keep getting garbage for bringing up? Our well driller friend just got a contract to drill seven wells for the prison south of Boise. Seven wells... for a prison that is already up and running with water and everything... in the same area that is "rumored" to be transformed into Chidaho. Little things that tell me they are not going to let a silly little political setback stop their march to tyranny. Now, you are my Jiminy Crickett, just by being you. I'd LOVE to write you off as an ignorant little neocon, a power hungry sell out, but I can't. Unfortunately, I happen to know you are a liberty lover in there giving it the best you've got. I have to remember you are in there swinging, in a fight I consider lost... and if you and Rand can score some solid punches in the next few years, I will have to say I was wrong. And for what it is worth, I'd love to be wrong, I just don't think I am.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: