Comment: Light, Heat, Shine and Burn

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Light, Heat, Shine and Burn

He shined light on Obama, McCain and Graham, the now three stooges (argumentative), who else, Holder, and the nominee? He slit a hole into their armor, how is that bad?

See them scurrying around trying to cover their fannies? They have been exposed, how is that bad? Have you missed that?

I'm amused by it myself; what, no sense of humor?

And, you can only share what you're able to share having constraints of the ability which you possess (standard stuff). Simply put, there is more than one way to look at it (standard stuff). The three stooges above, for the moment, have felt the heat. I'm enjoying their scuffling-about (buns on fire), fun to watch, even for a short time, and who knows for how much longer?

"Peter Gunn"