Comment: There is a concern I have

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There is a concern I have

There is a concern I have with this whole fillibuster thing; and that is the question and answer itself.

The question: Can the US target and kill a US Citizen with a Drone on US Soil.

The Answer: The president doesn't have the power to kill a US citizen non-combatant with a drone.

I'm sorry, but I cannot be the only person to see the problem with any of this.

Rand's example of a drone taking out a person sitting at a cafe; I hate to tell Rand or his supporters, but a Hellfire Missile is not a .22. In this situation that Rand has given us, a hell of a lot more people would be killed then just the intended target. However, this "Collateral Damage" seems to be just peachy with everybody. Also, neither the question nor the answer make any reference to killing non-US citizens with a drone strike on US soil.

So, if we use Rand's example but substitute the tageted individual as being a non-US citizen instead, then it is acceptible to everybody. Well, accept me, I suppose.

The question should have been -at the very least: Does the US Federal Government, any State Government or any agency -directly or indirectly- thereof or any Company or Corporation acting in accordance with any of the aforementioned Governments or Agencies, have the authority to kill an individual non-combatant on US soil with a Drone?