Comment: Mmmm.... "sexually open."

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Mmmm.... "sexually open."

I'm from the farm. Around here that means "in heat."
Sex has been cheapened to destroy family values. For what it is worth, I feel like my mother has possessed my fingers and is typing this to me 30 years ago. It is only watching the decay over generations that I can see the damage being done. I am not anti-porn, there was porn around when I was a kid and I never saw it. It crossed a line when it became prime time TV, and we are now at the point where we actually have parents dress their daughters in cloths that label their butt "Juicy."
Pedophilia is RAMPANT these days, and you just sit back and watch over the next decade or two. Pretty soon, the "sexually open" thing will apply to molesting children, too.

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