Comment: rand paul deceiving ron paulians?

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rand paul deceiving ron paulians?

i happen to view his action differently.
i consider it a shot across the bow of
the current (and past) administration(s) and fellow
senators, house members, global elitists, by exposing
the government's drone policies both foreign
and domestic, perpetual war, and defending
due process of law. it also drew out into the light of day
for all to see who are the termites (like graham and mccain, the WSJ, et al).
indeed, it created the opportunity for rand to explain his concerns
and he did it uninterrupted for 13 hours! i listened for several of those hours and was enthralled. it received over a million tweets that day! it was persuasive discourse for freedom and limited government!
i think he is also showing how americans are being deliberately divided and conquered by both parties, and showed, like ron paul has done, how to form coalitions.
if you read the history and writings of our founders and freedom fighters, that's how they did it. i thought it was a providential opportunity. and he was willing to stand alone up there if necessary!
let's rejoice in every act that ignites the torch of liberty in people's hearts. and it has.