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I don't know if you have noticed...

but there always seems to be a demand by me for your words. If however, your time is limited, I do not want to make demands.

"My son just finished a case where he was a juror in Trial by Jury, and I can speak about it, if there is a demand for it, whereby the proponent of Trial by Jury, his expressed viewpoint, is reinforced, and the tongue bitter's viewpoint is demonstrably off base - meaningless."

I am interested in your thoughts on your son's experience as a juror. So if you have the time, I have the inclination :)

The guy biting his tongue is an anarchist. He was put into jail for 12 months for not sending in a piece of paper to the IRS (I assume). His premise is that jurors who believe in false authority are not safeguards against injustice. I think the other guy is a minarchist as he believes in very limited government.

The premise of the anarchist is that an individual cannot give rights to a government that the individual in himself does not possess. He also says government is synonomys for evil because government always results in evil or some words along those lines.

I found the debate interesting.