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I think you can get in trouble for that

I think it's a swell idea, but I also think, being I work in a soup kitchen, that paying them anything would fall wind up where some authority, poloce, social worker, concerned citizen who doesn't like guns or the homeless with guns, makes a call and that leads to being fined for not paying mon wage.. or taxes.. or something.. Life is not easy fot the homeless.. they have little private space or privacy, or security, and there is a whole other world, network, survival system, even language.. they are very collective actually, and I think this is for survival.. so the brochures being passed out is not likely to happen.. here, you would have to go to a place, like a commercial grocery store, apply to pass out flyers and then do that within the time allotted or agreed. Also, I find Super Brouchures very helpful as supplimental materials for campaign tables, or petitioning. I think the best places to distribute them are at independent shops.. dentists, eye doctors, gift stores, book stores, coffee shops, doctors, tire and engine shops, beauty and nail shops.. anywhere there is a waiting room... least I do not mention the public Library and empty newspaper vending machines for free real estate magazines.