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Re 911/5th Graders: thank you, shuleba

Personally, I feel that these questions are inappropriate for 5th Grade - period, the end. Public school teachers pride themselves on so-called "developmentally appropriate" curriculum, when they don't have a clue as to what that even means. As to political proselytizing, it does not belong in schools at any grade level. When 911 is, in fact, such a sensitive and controversial subject, such questions as to "reasons why" it occurred belong in HIGH SCHOOL and, namely, essay questions to be supported with rationale - not multiple-choice questions with one correct answer. P.S. Just googled "Safari montage for remembering 911." Clearly, this video was designed for high school students, not 5th Graders. In this case, it's the school district at fault. Usually it's just poorly-trained teachers going on line and downloading (any) info and activities they find by "subject" - as if there were no difference in *how* a subject would be taught at different grade levels/developmental stages. Given today's so-called teacher training, if people can't afford a good private school for their children, homeschooling is the only answer.

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