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I am in no way against a voluntary society, I think it's a beautiful idea. I also am not trying to attack you personally, I'm truly trying to just get to the core of this argument which I see has some detrimental flaws in it (a socratic elenchus if you will). Bare with me.

Isn't our society now and in just about every case throughout history an example of my point that numbers don't play a significant role? By this I mean we are ruled by a minority, and a small minority of elites have always had the most power and control and look what they can do. This is what I mean by there being far more components than just outweighing them in number.

You say: "There will most likely be a small amount of people, like yourself? that want no part of the voluntaryist lifestyle, but they cannot hurt others."

First I want every part of the voluntary life style, it's the essence of true freedom and true liberty, don't think I'm advocating anything counter that.

Second, who say's people who don't want part of a voluntary society can't hurt others? By what authority is going to enforce that they don't abuse power and hurt others? Whose going to say that they can't plunder their neighbors property, what's to stop them? If your advocating some sort of Justice system how will it be constructed and how will it have any binding authority if there is no state at all? These are some tough questions that I haven't heard the anarchist give a legitimate answer too, maybe you can answer them.

As for your last point again I don't think it's clear that getting rid of Government entirely will solve your problem of coercive power. Individuals will be left to decide for themselves and this won't always lead to something positive (I hate how this sounds, because it comes of as elitist), but I fear that collective agents will take advantage of the individual; and again history has been an good indicator of this. Humans for the most part while are individualistic, are also group animals. There will always be those that follow the herd instead of blaze their own way, and there will also always be those who want to control others above all else and they will take advantage of this.

I'm thoroughly enjoying this discussion, thanks for keeping it going.