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Up Vote

This is spot on.

What Rand did was introduce himself to America for 2016. He is working on the Rand Brand.

Do I think he said good things during the filibuster? Yes.

Do I think he achieved anything with this PR stunt that will help America? No.

It's good to speak out against drones, and I didn't see the entire filibuster, but does anyone know if he spoke out against all of the poor people overseas being murdered by them?

And isn't this the same Rand who voted FOR sanctions on Iran, an act of war according to Dr. Paul?

Isn't this the same Rand who praises America's military after his dad posts a controversial tweet?

Our government is tyrannical, but as long as the American people can shop till they drop and sleep with whomever they please than they will consider themselves free.

The only solution to our empire is secession.