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Uhhhh, that would cover the innocent people

I was talking about, which is so ridiculousness it's irrelevant. OF COURSE he doesn't have a right to do that.. but as Rand stated in his filibusta "I would be okay with them using it on a robber... AND on CNN... Taking out the Times Square bomber would have been okay too"

One of them isn't an enemy combatant and the other one was surrounded by those innocents we were talking about.

That still doesn't take away the fact that the military will be conducting drone strikes inside the US border and that seems to be okay with you and Rand.

All they've done is concocted a way to get new blood into the republican voting booths while maintaining their militarization of this country and people like you are helping them do it.

I just hope it's someone you know that's standing next to a known terrorist when a hellfire strikes the fella across from walmart.. maybe you and the other neocons will get to see what the hard reality of your support costs.

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