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Morality and immorality

Morality and immorality always influence reality. So, I'm not quite sure what you are trying to say.

It is immoral to take someone elses money; but you grant an entity which you call 'government' this ability. Therefore you created an immoral entity for the purposes of commiting immoral acts; and you think this is good? Why; is it because you believe that you are far enough removed from the actual desicions of government to claim that you are not complicit in those actions?

The desire to create government is the desire of individuals to commit immoral acts; for that is all the entity called 'government' has the ability to do.

The individual imbues their immorality in an entity it(society) created called 'government,' thinking this will absolve them; this entity is granted acts to perform -all of which would otherwise be considered immoral. The only time an individual complains is when the 'government' uses its authority to commit the immoral acts against the person complaining. When those same immoral acts are performed against others, then the people not effected cheer like the Romans cheering the feeding of Christians to the lions.

I'm sorry but if an action is immoral, unethical, or 'evil' if ordinary people commit such acts, then please explain how an entity can be created to perform those acts explicitly and be considered a 'good' institution? If the actions taken by this organization are condoned by the greater whole, then why do people complain when that organization are commiting those acts on them?

In reality, government is created to commit acts of violence, and other immoral, unethical and otherwise 'evil' acts which the people would feel ashamed and dirty commiting themselves. The government reflects the immoral desires of the people who desire government; because government can only do the things the people who want it(government) allow it(government) to do.

Therefore the immoral, unethical, and otherwise 'evil' acts of government are the deep down desires of those who support government; the only difference between one group and another is how evil they are: meaning how much power -the ability to commit immoral acts- the people want to give the government.