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He's talking about racial differences

And he's claiming that he is called the Devil and things are being said about him and white women.. and what is being said by his ememies, because they know LF is not going to be caught in a disco.. and he's talking about the ignorance of whites in their saying that because they are willing to, or wanting to have sex with a black man, it gets put on the black men ("I know you can dance), and he talks about how white women are being "modled" to work out to try to "trap a black man".. and by watching Jerry Spinger all of twice, I can see what he's saying. You can't?

Aren't there plenty of people on DP saying, "TSIGTHTF", It's commin' down!" Plenty of people here admit they want the sytem to crash..

Do you here the shouts from the audience, "That's right!",, they agree with him as if what LF is saying is what they experienced.. and they resent being traded as slaves still, as many here on DP also resent being set up to lose.. lost our IRAs, hoomes, children, and more.. and for what? Fiat money for labor, more laws and the opportunity to need God.. which LF praised God in the vid you shared with me.