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Re NYC schools, that may be true that

the 80% of high school graduates needing to learn BASIC SKILLS applied to 80% of those students going on to the city's community college system. But while there are surely some better-prepared students going directly to four-year colleges, there are also those who graduate who will not be going on to any college - probably *more* likely to be in need of learning basic skills than their college-bound peers. There are also those who don't graduate at all who would be even more likely fit that category vs. those who do graduate. See this 2011-2012 assessment for city schools (Click High Schools, then various parameters listed at the bottom, including but not limited to College & Career Readiness) for a dismal look:

If a HIGH SCHOOL student who has GRADUATED after completing years of English/ language arts curriculum (including four years at the secondary-level) needs to, post-graduation, "relearn basic skills" before going on, I think "can't read" is probably an appropriate-enough way to describe the general situation.

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