Comment: I'll "bite"..

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I'll "bite"..

I want to see a form of Libertarian Media that projects the values of the movement without resorting to mentioning the alternative ideologies that are against what we defend.

In other words, I want our values to be promoted in a positive and self sustaining way without having to resort to negative comparisons with our ideological adversaries. Why do I believe this is the path? I believe this is the path because the truth does not need lies to support it's self.

Every time we take the time to promote the lies, we are wasting time we could have been using to promote the truth. Even engaging in certain arguments is a waste of time sometimes because the act of arguing with certain "perspectives" only serves to promote them and give them legitimacy when most of the time, those "perspectives" have been created with the intent of wasting our time.

If we are in fact the live and let live crowd we know ourselves to be, we should have no problem in saying that 2+2=4 without having the need to say that 2+2 does not = 5, 6, 7 ,8, etc..

I believe that there is a place for every angle to be worked on and I believe that there are not so many places like the DP on the Internet where we can "escape" the propaganda that we can be constantly bombarded with if we chose to tune in to the mainstream media.

P.S. I won't respond to any comments on my use of the word "truth" as 2+2=4..


I am happy to use the DP as it most of the time provides me with information that breaks away from what we normally see on the mainstream media and it is a place where we can gather to help promote the gems (videos, articles, etc..) that deserve to become viral on websites like YouTube, etc..


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