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On Netflix currently

is the Netflix produced House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey. Some of it was a little raunchy for me, but the acting, writing and such was very tight. Spacey plays a minority whip democrat, who takes down the fourth wall to let you know what is going on inside his head. This show is not about the left-right paradigm, but about corruption, greed, and lack of check and balance. I especially liked how the wife was in charge of a foundation that is used behind the scenes as a tool to get balls rolling. I think he nailed the prevailing character of so many of those in Congress, probably more than we would want to believe. Once you start watching it, you can't stop.

On the lighter side, I enjoy my anime. Right now I'm going though Samuri 7, which is the basic plot from the original Akira movie and the Magnificent Seven, but with drones. Very timely with the tyranny-liberty theme going on also.