Comment: Let them say what they will...

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Let them say what they will...

Let them say what they will... but when the Red Coats stood up for their honor, for their day in the court of battle, the reality which faced them to their dying moment was... that they stood... up... all in a row... and wore bright red coats!

Contrast that with Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain boys! They blended in with the environment, wore the 'cameo' of the day, and made it look as if they were receptive to negotiation, and at the same time, maneuvered those same Red Coats to that final moment which their 'problem' made possible!

Real strategic chess, played at the GM level, is not at all boring, but filled to overflowing with strategy, and replete with stories of great victories! Such is the depth of political intrigue, that, undiminished in this age of tyrannies it instead grows to monstrous size in scope and complexity!

The 'Rand Filibuster' was but a skirmish in the battle for our liberties! It's depths have not been adequately fathomed for us to glibly accept or reject it's successes or failures.

It would appear however that it can be granted a tremendous double result!

On the one hand it was inadequate in it's legal demand by the committee and Sen. Paul. It extracted a very calculated, but seriously deficient, thus threatening and insidious response.

On the other hand it was a brilliantly calculated front for stealing fame and position, both from tyrants in the Senate as well as tyrants in the executive branch!

The electorate who suffer in their precincts, nevertheless have not suffered enough to seek real truth! They have just returned a congress of incumbents, along with an executive, already stained with the blood of hemorrhaging freedoms at home in the land of the 'once free', and an equal amount of blood from abroad, from the dying lands of those who have been looking to the land of the 'once free', praying with fading hope, for their own liberty!

It is entirely possible that many if not most, of those electorate who actually vote, have found a champion in Rand Paul, simply because he is perceived as having won a battle for liberty, though completely unexpected by the 'powers that be' for tyranny!

Perceived is as good as inaccurate. This counts in war!

It is a bitter pill to swallow by the CFR, who must be gnashing their collective teeth after receiving an emissary from the 'cameo clothed Green Mountain boys' in the person of the 'milk toast', 'thin milk in the pulpit', junior Senator, Rand Paul.

Such a propaganda fight, which contributes to the psychological disarming of the enemies of liberty, regardless of the CFR motives for letting the filibuster begin, is ultimately a won skirmish!

So it becomes, in the final analysis, 'sun-shine... during which hay must be made'!