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You are right in a sense it's

You are right in a sense it's about power and control but the dollar is the vehicle used for control tying it to oil has forced the whole world to be invested on the dollar and beholding to the US if they want oil to run their country. There are now cracks appearing in that armor and Iraq was the first to sell oil in other the US dollars. Iraq Syria Iran never signed on to the Brettenwoods agreement. The UAE does not sell oil on other then dollars. They might a little on the side under the radar but not significantly or they would be destabilized also.

China and Russia have started their own oil borse in other the US dollars with Iran and Russia as the main suppliers. It is only a matter of time before Iran is destabilized like Libya and Syria. The only reason we do not bomb them is because Russia and China have warned us not to. Right now having to take on those two would not be a good idea as we are spread to thin. Eventually thought they might go for it. These people are ruthless they don't care how many die... In fact it is part of their world depopulation agenda while they rob the wealth of the world with their currency schemes.

Collective Karma is knocking on our door for letting this cabal take us over and perpetrate all their death destruction and plunder on the world...

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