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What I believe your argument

What I believe your argument is,is that there will always be people who join-up to try and extort people; and therefore to prevent these people from prevailing we must institute government to protect us.

How many Hawiians would bow to the rule of a NY based Mob?

How many Hawiians bow to the rule of a Washington D.C. based Mob?

The difference being is that one Mob is able to use the term 'Government,' which gives that particular Mob a sense of authority and legitimacy. If you take away the Mob in DC, then at most we would have a whole bunch -thousands- of smaller Mobs all over the US -for lack of a better defining term.

What are the reasons and purposes of a Mob and how do they operate?

Every Mob has to have a reason and purpose, or it cannot truly operate; so why don't we list some?

To make money, to accumulate power and influence, to supply that which is illegal.

Well, the Mob operates by paying a lot of money to people who join it _the management and the enforcers. Where does this money come from? Most of it comes from providing to the public that which Government doesn't allow on the White Market. The money they collect through violence is very small; it is a tool, to control the area -similar to taxes, but not quite the same.

If the White Market was able to supply to the customers that which the Mobs/Gangs currently supply, then where would the Mob/Gang get the money to pay the people to belong to such and organization?

Lets not forget that the cost-benefit risk analysis for comiting illegal acts favours the criminal in many regards -under our current system: (1) it is easier to make money comiting criminal activities then to work in the White Market -especially to those with not much to lose. (2) The likelyhood of getting caught in most instances is very low, and in our current system the likelyhood that the police will automatically kill an actual criminal is low -don't forget that criminals justify the existence of law enforcers, with out the law breakers there would be no need for law enforcers, right? Well, that is the conventional wisdom.

These two reasons create criminals; without either or both of these reasons, then the only possible criminals would be those who just want to hurt people with no actual gain for themselves -these are an extremely low number of actual criminals.

So, in a Voluntaryist system: drugs in most places wouldn't be illegal, neither would prostitution or gambling. Without these black market enterprises, the ability for a Mob or Gang to have the kind of resources available to it to operate are severly hampered. The Mob or Gang would need a legitimate business venture to generate the revenue it would need. The problem is that in the Open or Free Market no matter what business the Mob/Gang would want to partake in, there would be countless others competeing with them -an a potential for even more; and if the Mob or Gang tried to "take out" the competition, word would spread -this already happens, both when pertaining to Mob/Gangs and in the White Market. The more violence the Mob/Gang utilized to try and corner a market the less legitimacy they would have and therefore the less business and the less revenue they would have. Their Mob/Gang would literally fall apart.

Also, besides the revenue problems that a Mob/Gang would have, would be the problem of having their men getting shot trying to force people to pay them. As it is now, Mob and gang members get paid ok, to -potentially- get shot at. individual Private contractors(Blackwater employees) get paid $100k and up. In a Free Market, these prices would come down significantly, because of the lack of need for that type of service. Then the 'enforcers' would have to -as they do now- utilize a cost-benefit analysis of the situation. In so doing, they would notice that in a Free Market it is easier to obtain capital, so the allure of comiting crimes is deminished by that fact alone. The propensity for criminals to get shot would -in most places- increase; this would also deminish the allure of criminal activity. The capital gain itself in commiting crime would be significatly less then it currently is -they would b epaid less by an employeer; this would also deminish the allure of comiting crimes. In a Free Market -a Voluntaryist- system the motivation -which currently exists- for individuals to commit crime, doesn't exist.

The only crime which would still exist, would be the crimes which are not about gain, but about power. A person rapes, mainly because of the power. A person kills, mainly because of the power. A person beats another person sensless, mainly because of the power. These people are necessarily incabable of working together in a structure.

For every Mobster and Gangster which does it for the power, are ten or twelve or more which do it for the easy money, first and foremost. Without these easy money people, the structure of the Mobs and Gangs which people are so afraid of, disapears.

Also, don't take what I stated to mean that Private Defense Contractors wouldn't exist at all, but they would not be so willing to join the Mob/Gang because doing policing duties these guys might get payed less but the likely-hood of getting killed is far less. If someone would want a Private Defense Contractor to initiate force and violence on others then the price would sky-rocket due to the likely-hood that they will be shot or killed; and considering that the Mob/Gang which tried this would in no way be able to take an entire industry in one instant would mean that they would never last long enough to do it again. This is how a Voluntaryist -Free Market- would handle this situation.

There might be some instances of violence, however, it can not in any way be sustained without outside help. However, even with outside help it would be possible through the Markets to bankrupt those who might try.

The US is not Somalia; with or without a government, we have a huge impact on the global market. In a Free Market -in what we call the US- we would take over nearly complete control of the Global Market in almost no time. The governments of the other counrties of the world would be shrinking trying to compete; and if they tried to utilize force agaisnt us to preserve their power, they would loose even more of the Market, thereby accelerating their demise.