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Bear, just from reading the back and forth comments,

it has become clear to me that you are hearing only what you want to hear on this subject. Please take God out of that tiny box you put Him in and let God be God. God isn't created in your image. If your particular religion works for you, that's good.... No, that's great!!!! But, please know that your way doesn't work for many others who have found God via a path different from yours. It doesn't matter what path a person takes to find God (so spare me more Biblical quotes... I already know them as well as you do). God created all those other paths so God could be found by all of us mere mortals who were created by God, with different personalities and preferences and mindsets, and if someone fails to find God, it's his or her own damn fault. God is no respector of persons. I trust you understand what that means.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox