Comment: I have a few points for you to consider:

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I have a few points for you to consider:

I have a few points for you to consider:

1. The notion of "Stateless" society, or "Internationalism", or "One world", etc., is not a new idea. This is one of the pillars of the cult of humanism. Carl Marx defined the Marxist humanism and denied nationalism - "Workers have no fatherland," "Proletarians of all countries, unite!" (The Communist Manifesto, 1848)

2. Carl Marx also considered the state to be an oppressive institution which inevitably lead to dictatorship. (Letter to J. Weydmeyer, 1852)

3. Carl Marx also believed that the answer to the above is the "free association of producers" and that association of producers will make the decisions needed for the common good. (Manifesto of the Communist Party, NY 1968, p. 53)

4. Stalin took the above and customized the whole idea of socialism and communism that each nation must conform to a centralized ideal, which requires full subordination of the nations. No need for citation, most Eastern Europeans who witnessed the cold war can speak volumes about this.

5. How do you defend private property, as private property is a pillar of Liberty, while refusing to define borders of a state?

6. Consider the fact that people have ambition. How are you going to control other people's ambitions? Through the barrel of a gun? Drugs? Propaganda? Concentration camps? Monetary sanctions? Inflation?

7. And there are a few facts that no one with proven record in the utopia of stateless societies has given an answer to:
* Nations have different history and heritage
* Nations are not equally developed
* Some nations and cultures refuse to "develop" to the standard of the nations that are perceived to be "developed"
* The utopia of equality promotes brutal inequality
* The biggest and strongest nation/s (the centralized ideal) dominate and suppress resistance
* History shows that the utopia of stateless society inevitably leads to a dictatorial state.

What if we simply continue with the restoration of the Constitution of the United States of America and stick with it? The Founders of this country knew history and economics very well and did agree that the Federal Government was a necessary evil, which must be restrained by The People, hence they left us with the Republic (if we can keep it) and the Constitution.