Comment: Better to Light a Candle then Curse the Darkness

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Better to Light a Candle then Curse the Darkness

"Dead wrong.. The plan was working pretty well.. as a matter of fact, if it wasn't for the Ron Paul people.. the real ones carrying a real message of Liberty and the man being who he was, you'd most likely wouldn't be here... yet, you're more than willing to abandon that IF you really actually cared about those ideas of Liberty to begin with that is.."

If it has been working so well what have we accomplished? I was telling people about Ron Paul back in the 80's even before he ran as a libertarian where were you? If it wasn't for me and a few other die hards preaching it for nearly 30 years with hundreds of times the derision and ridicule then you see today the 2007 revolution would have never happened so you can get down of that that carnival high horse now.

Quoting me:
"We've been holding the message since 2007 hows that worked out for us?"

"I saw it working pretty good but people like you are too eager to drop the ball for capitulation and compromise so the seeds that have been planted will now be your opposition instead of joining us.."

Typical all or nothing approach which is why it has taken so long for liberty to permeate the percentage it has. Ron has reached the peak of who he appeals to that's what you don't get. rand is winning over people Ron never had a chance with. We need to reach people on their level as they are incapable of coming fully to our level. Otherwise it will take a another 30 years to triple our numbers and it still won't be enough to effect the change we seek.

"You may win.. mostly because the US population has few morals, are instant gratification types and too stupid to see what's coming."

What you don't get is that this is the majority of peoples mindsets and we are stuck with them so we either work with what we have or sit back and complain like you that everyone doesn't get it and wait for war. If you think going to war is better then trying to work with what we got then you are naive and foolish at best. It is better to light a candle then curse the darkness!

"If you do this, the blood will be on your hands because YOU'RE the ones that are getting suckered and in promoting someone like him, when he turns on you because he craves power, many like me won't take it anymore."

Let me get this straight. You are claiming anything less then Ron Paul is compromising and its either that or go to war because you did not get everything you want in one felled swoop! No sir the blood will be on your hands for failing to try to work with what we got and letting it go to war instead. The fact is the masses are not on our level when it comes to liberty. But they are all we have to work with and they being the majority we have to deal with that fact like it or not.

I understand the sentiment of saying fuck it let it all collapse and hope most of those folks die off I often feel that way myself. However that is not a strategy that is hopelessness and there is no telling what will fill the vacuum of such a collapse and devastation as war.

No I choose to do what I can to avoid that if possible and move the masses any steps closer to liberty they are willing to take even if it is not as far as I would like. Hopefully maybe the next generation will take it farther if this one doesn't. No sir the blood will be on your hands for failing to do all you can to move people any steps closer and sitting on your hands and cursing the darkness! I choose to offer people a hand up toward our level as far as they are willing to go rather then a fuck you and a kick in the ass if they do not see all our way.

"Just remember I said that when it may come sooner than him getting into office because they're going to drone strike in the US soon. Maybe in the next year or two if not sooner because they need to."

Maybe maybe not. Especially now that Rand has brought the issue to the forefront and made it a national issue they are less likely to do it. Like I said I have my concerns with Rand however I will support him when he is supporting liberty. If he sells us out oh well we are no worse off then we have been already. There is nobody else up there doing anything for liberty. We can still preach the pure message but that will take a lot longer then the next year or two you think is all we have left. So better to take a chance with Rand now then do nothing at all and wait for war!

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