Comment: Sorry, but the idea dates to

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Sorry, but the idea dates to

Sorry, but the idea dates to before Marx.

Secondly, most -if not all- of your questions have already been answered. Why should we Voluntaryists continually repeat ourselves? If you have no desire to look for answers, then we would just be wasting our breath anyway; wouldn't you agree?

The only thing different that you stated than anybody else is the Carl Marx stuff; but if you look to the history of anarchism, then you would see that it dated before Marx. If you look to Anarcho-Capitalism it dates to 1970's; however, a lot of the philosophical roots date to before Marx.

While you claim that the Founders knew history; appearantly you do not. The Voluntaryists know 220+ years more history than the Founders did. We know that their Constitutional Republic did not last. George Washington violated it, and it has been violated almost every year since. If the people who created it, then turned around and violated it; there is no way possible for it to ever last.

Also, governments are created and sactioned to do immoral, unethical, and 'evil' acts, which people would in no way accept another person doing. How is an entity created to commit immoral, unethical, and 'evil' acts is concidered good? What does it say about the people who advocate for the existence of government?