Comment: That's right. Covetous people exist. Now deal with it.

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That's right. Covetous people exist. Now deal with it.

Oops.. you can't. You think injustice comes from government.

"Governments are created to commit immoral, unethical, and 'evil' acts which the people who devise the government don't want to do themselves"

Spoken like a good little victim of causality. As I've said many times, Anarchists are WORTHLESS to liberty, because they don't know where injustice comes from, our covetous nature, nor will they defend liberty with force, serve justice. They try and blame injustice and immorality on government. Government is collective force and debating how to use it to serve justice. They're akin to gun grabbers who think they can get rid of injustice by getting rid of guns.

I know you don't like it, but there ARE muggers in this world, butt loads, and they do choose to steal from one another. They choose to feed on the weak. They choose to destroy.

They will choose to take over your stateless society. For good people to succeed, they have to question what it is covetous people will do. All you have to do to show what a fraud Anarchism is is to play devils advocate.

If your society isn't ready to deal with evil, than your system will fail.

A Constitutional Republic is more than ready to deal with YOU Anarchist.