Comment: I agree with you at some

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I agree with you at some

I agree with you at some level for the sake of argument let's try the following example.

At year 2015 Success Councils' (SC) - your DP handle - revolution triumphs and state is abolished in the American continent. In year 2016 there is a water drought in what used to be Chile and a water drought in what used to be Dallas, TX. A lot of people suffer and let's suppose that as a result the survivors want to take some action. The people in Dallas decide that they want to set aside a portion of their money to prepare for future catastrophes. They set a small council to oversee that everyone contributes to this fund, etc, etc, etc. The people in Chile decide that they will continue to live freely and bear the brunt of disasters if they come or wait for some free market solution to their problems, etc, etc, etc.

My point is, at any point everyone in a town or city may agree to form some kind of government. And if you wanted to keep a stateless society you would have to use force to avoid the formation of a state. See the paradox and how easily you can get there???