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Comment: I say use 'em. Use them all.

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I say use 'em. Use them all.

I say use 'em. Use them all. If they want to promote our band the more the merrier. All these guys do is stick their fingers in the wind on what Joe Bob Conservative will think about this or that and feed it back to them most of the time. This is OUR time! The one thing Rush carefully didn't point out is that the Neocons have been out-manuvered. Who are the whacko idealists now??? ...The guys bashing the guy who just stood up for the Consitution and stuck it to the President.

Fact of the matter is, if the Iowa Caucuses were held today, Rand Paul would be leading and Rush knows it. I mean i don't see GOP Iowans or southerners during Super Tuesday falling all over themselves to flood the polls to vote for Chris Christie? That isn't merely because some guy decided to Filabuster a nominee. It's because when you can unite the Redstate crowd and the Liberty movement ...and have the Ron Paul political machine still on the ground in the early primary states, you are one hell of a force.