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A jury determines a fact by

A jury determines a fact by listening to testimony of one who possesses first hand knowledge of something seen or heard.

In order for a judge to render any opinion or make any determination they must rely upon facts derived from first hand knowledge of something seen or heard.

I have provided several sources of statements made by Ron Paul which can be heard by anyone so they can formulate their own facts:

Question: I know you stand for the constituton but what do you say to people who advocate for self government rather than a return to the constitution is?

Great fine and uh I think that is really what my goal is ..." -Ron Paul

"You have to read one textbook called the American Great Depression by Murray Rothbard, because he turned me around because, I was raised to believe exactly as your question implied is that capitalism and the gold standard caused the great depression ..." -Ron Paul

"I suggest you read Murray Rothbard, it's a great book and I am convinced he will convert you as he converted me." -Ron Paul

"I don't like the use of force, I like voluntaryism" -Ron Paul

Question: So you have described yourself as a voluntaryist, can you tell us what that means for the big picture and what your ideal society would be as a voluntarist?

"Voluntary means no coercion, so if you want to change peoples habits or change the world you should do it by setting examples and trying to persuade people to do it, you can use force only when someone uses force against you ..." -Ron Paul

Question: Do you think we have a chance of achieving a society based on those ideals in America?

"Not soon, we had a relative voluntary society in our early history but steadily even after the Constitution was passed it was undermined ... " -Ron Paul

There is nothing indirect or circumstantial about a direct statement by Ron Paul. If your evidence makes Ron Paul's own statements laughable perhaps you should actually present some evidence of something that can be seen or heard by others such as Ron Paul stating he is not also a self described voluntarist which is a term coined by anarcho capitalists in addition to being a congressman, doctor, champion of the constitution, father, grandfather, or any other title.

"... a very simple argument, despite everything, being an anarchist doesn't mean you necessarily don't have society to be organized without a state, doesn't mean you don't have roads gonna be built or whatever ... all you have to know it is never acceptable to use violence or threaten violence against the innocent ..." -Lew Rockwell

"We argue the moral law applies to them (people in government suits) too." -Lew Rockwell