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Allow me to point out something of importance.

Allow me to point out something of importance. In this case I am in a position to defend my factual arguments about how stateless society mixed with voluntarism has striking similarities with socialism and communism. However, nowhere in your rebuttal do you address my points...

What I did was present specific facts and questions and what I got was disagreement and rebuttal regarding Voluntarism, a topic I never mentioned though I was accused of not knowing anything about.

Obviously, you and I are speaking different languages, even though phonetically it is English. The need to learn how to agree to disagree is palpable. I respect your opinion and to say that I know not about "voluntarism" and would be a gross speculation.

I would reserve my right to stick to my guns and point out the obvious fallacy from a practical point of view, not only from pure theory and ideology.

Please accept my respect for your genuine desire to experiment and to learn. It is a step away from the status quo, although not necessarily in the right direction. Some time ago I heard a wise man say that the believe in absolutes could be unhealthy. And I kind of liked that.