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You're saying you agree in

You're saying you agree in principle but we need the equivalent of speed limits in pornography to prevent harm?
If not I don't quite understand your premise.

As far as pornography being composed of predators and victims, so are many industries if you seek to apply the terms, but if an adult consents to be such a victim there's nothing immoral or illegal about it in my view.

Many dailypaulers are anarchists, including myself.
The philosophy of anarchy is diametrically opposed to the psychosis of sociopaths. This is an easily recognizable fact.
Anarchy requires that one intrinsically oppose aggression. Aggression in this context means the initiation of violence or coercion. Manipulation is a form of coercion. This theory is grounded on the premise that all people are equal and all have natural rights.

A sociopath however, refuses to accept the rights of others. This is a key component of their psychopathy.

Sociopaths are also typically hateful people possessing constant contained rage. They seek to dominate those around them by means of deception - coercion. Anarchy, even though the word has been senselessly conflated with 'chaos,' 'disorder,' etc. has essentially nothing more to it than the desire for a stateless society - one that is organized by the people without rulers. If one desires that there be no rulers, how can they themselves rule? Never heard of a self-defeating sociopath, maybe it exists... In any case, there could be speed limits in a voluntaryist society so that's not the best example.

Sociopaths seem most likely to be those most inclined to join government, not oppose it, because in government their decisions will affect others and they will be able to obtain power by manipulation and deception most easily. In other words, why abolish the ruling class if you wish to be the ruling class?

I encourage you to study the theories involved in anarchy. Though one might imagine a young punk with a silly red circled 'A' symbol on his shirt throwing a rock at riot police or spray painting public property, but anarchy is more sophisticated than first impressions allow.